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Our purpose

Goodman’s purpose of making space for greatness recognises our stakeholders’ needs, and drives us to help them reach their full potential. Watch our purpose video

It's not enough to simply wish for greatness. We need to commit to it for the long term with determination and drive.

At Goodman, we understand the world is constantly changing and to be part of the future we must remain agile and open to new ways of working. It's in this way we aim to give our customers the space they need to succeed by providing sustainable solutions and unparalleled service in high-quality locations. We actively pursue the very best people. And we give those people the space they need to grow and push us all a little further.

We care about the future of the planet and all the people in it. We believe sustainability is our responsibility and we choose to work with people and organisations who feel the same. It's one of the reasons we partner with charities all over the world who are striving to make a difference for those who can't always see a way forward. Greatness is not a singular pursuit. Nor is it one that is easy to reach. But at Goodman our vision is to make it a possibility for everyone by making space for it in everything we do.


To help our customers make space for greatness, we create sustainable logistics spaces with unparalleled service in high-quality locations. Here, the greatest ambitions of our customers can flourish as we give them the space they need to reach their goals.

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Securityholders and investment partners

Our long-term approach guides our decision-making. By owning, developing and managing high-quality sustainable properties in key locations we provide both to benefit our customers now and in the future, we help deliver sustainable returns for our securityholders and investors.

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Community partners

We make space for greatness in the communities we operate in by taking a multi-year partnership approach with the organisations the Foundation supports. We share our resources, knowledge and experience to make a tangible difference and improve the quality of life, standard of living and health of people in our communities. 

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Our people

Goodman encourages innovation. We look for people who want to realise their ambitions, challenge our thinking, drive change and develop new ideas that deliver a sustainable business to make a tangible difference today - and long into the future. Through Goodman’s long-term incentive program, our team has a stake in our business, which motivates them to work hard and take a long-term strategic approach to decision-making.

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Supply chains

We respect the needs of our suppliers and provide an environment for them to succeed by setting high quality standards and practicing good business ethics across our operations and global supply chains. This ranges from implementing modern slavery strategies to treating our suppliers as part of our team, keeping them safe and paying them fairly and on time. In return, we expect our suppliers to abide by our high standards and communicate these requirements within their own supply chains.

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