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In Japan, considerations such as functionality, quality,location and cost will remain constant drivers for our customers. However, sustainability and wellbeing have become major considerations during the planning and design process. Goodman takes a practical and verifiable approach to sustainability and we offer our customers solutions specific to logistics facilities. Our standard specifications are flexible and easily adaptable to achieve certification under several green rating schemes such as CASBEE and LEED, although we offer a range of additional initiatives that further enhance efficiency, sustainability, comfort and wellbeing. Goodman’s standard industrial specification in Japan includes a combination of sustainability design initiatives aimed at improving environmental and social outcomes.


Smart building

  • CASBEE certification
  • Central security control system
  • Building management system
  • Increased automation
  • Optimum structural design to save usage of steel materials
  • Operational waste separation management
  • Minimized light pollution


  • Rooftop solar PV energy system
  • LED lighting reducing customer outgoings
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Unit-by-unit air-conditioner control
  • Smart metering
  • Electrical sub-metering and monitoring


  • Construction waste water management plan
  • Water saving by using well water
  • Water efficient fixtures


  • Glare control, blinds, shading and louvers
  • Air supply and exhaust system to provide clean and comfortable environment
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives and materials
  • Acoustic separation between workspace and amenities
  • Usage of materials in compliance with Air Environmental Standard
  • Thermal controls to maximize thermal comfort


  • Well located facilities close to key transport infrastructure


  • Raised floor heights to mitigate flooding
  • Emergency communication procedures
  • Back up power redundancy
  • Satellite phone
  • Emergency earthquake alert system